I resigned. Here's why.


Accustomed Inmate
~Hey everyone as you may have noticed, I lost my staff ranks. Today, I decided to resign from the JailBreak staff team.
~I really want to thank Reptile, Nacato, and Pat for giving me this opportunity, I will miss every second of it.

Why Exactly I resigned:
~Truth be told I was very inactive and that's not fair to other members of the team, and the community to have an inactive staff member
~I was ready to move on, and I wasn't having that much fun on the server anymore
~I am pursing my passion (might be a strong word but you get the point) of doing server management

Special Thanks to:
~Rep, Pat and Nacho for giving me this opportunity
~Ash, Lucy, Mel, Zen, and Jordan for being some of my closest friends on JailBreak
~Youssef, and Jack for helping me lots with all the staff stuff when I was new
~Metro, Scotty, Dalas, Captain, Blob, Xayah, Angrez and everyone on staff team for being kind to me, and being great friends
~Profile, Xan, Lolli and lots more people (I'm not going to try and list them all) who members of the community, and friends

Thank you JailBreak!

Note: I will still long on time to time to say hello. Please do not ask for my money or items.