JailBreakMC Community Newsletter | 02/04/2021 | #2


Accustomed Inmate
Written by xWafless

Hello all!
It's about time! Over the past month and a half we''ve had some new changes on the server that I wanted to talk about.
Writing these takes a long time so I hope you enjoy and or find it helpful!

Finally! The update we've been all waiting for P20! Just kidding. Daily advancements is a newly added advancement type that has been introduced on the server on January 18, 2021. This update is probably pretty self-explanatory, basically, every 24 hours the player will receive a new set of advancements for each ward to complete. For each completed advancement there will be a reward given in which can be claimed in your rewards (/rewards). The advancements can be found in the advancements menu (/adv) and are given are fit for each of the wards meaning that basically, every advancement that is given to you inside the specific ward is completable. Also, just a quick common question we typically get is what time do Daily Advancements renew? Daily Advancements will be RENEWED at 7:00 PM EST, 4 PM PST, and 12 AM GMT.


New changes have been made to the event server! These changes consist of a new Tetris game mode that can be played either single-player or with friends, new duel arenas, duel types, and easter eggs. You can go check them out at /event!

There is now a new event called Block Party which has been highly suggested by the community for events for some time now. This game mode has a straightforward concept. Basically, it works where players need to stand on the block they're given in their inventories, or else they're eliminated. The last one standing will receive the event token. The first block party event we did in events was a great success, we had an 80 player block party and ever since it's been doing well. This is a super fun event that requires no skill what so ever so if you're interested I suggest checking the #event-notices on the Discord and have a go yourself!

You can check it out at the link below and see what type of items and cosmetics you can get from it. The crate will no longer be available on the JailBreakMC store on March 1st, 2021. Click here to view this crate!

Also, I'm aware I'm a little late to most of these topics yet thought it was appropriate to make a news letter on them regardless.
Thank you for reading! Have a jolly day
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