Jan. 24th - Prestige Mine, New Kit, Crate and Glow!


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Hello everyone! Hope you're having an okay week. Today we have something you guys have been requesting for a long time, plus more!

Prestige Mine
The Prestige Mine is finally in the game! Please keep in mind this Prestige Mine is still a little in the early phases, so please let us know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions!

What is the Prestige Mine?
Well, if you have reached F4 and PRESTIGED you will be able to access this mine! All you have to do is buy access to the mine from the Prestige Token Shop.
Access to the mine will only cost you 1 Token and you will NOT have to re-buy it each time you prestige. Why does it cost tokens? Well it was the easiest way we could verify if someone was prestiged or not.. So we did it.

How do you access the Prestige Mine?
Well, after you have bought access to the mine from the /token shop, a permission was added to your account to grant you access.
Keep in mind, you will only be able to access the mine when you are in F Ward. If we allowed you to go to the mine from the very beginning, it would negate the whole point of the server.
Once you have made your way to Area 62 (F Ward), look behind you at your /spawn and you should see a new "Prestige Mine" NPC, like shown below.

If you already bought access, clicking this NPC will warp you to the Prestige Mine! The mine is held in a separate world, but acts just like a regular prison. There is only 1 mine.

The Prestige Mine is mainly made out of ICE! So you can quickly break away blocks. Want to sell the ice if you're using Silk Touch? You can do that too!
Once you have made your way to the Prestige Mine, you should see that, much like all other mines, there is a "Mine Shop" that will correspond with the blocks present in that mine. Sell all the goodies you get from the Prestige Mine there.

If you have prestiged on the server, make sure to buy access from /token shop to check out the mine.

New Store Items
The following items are new and available on the webstore right now!

Airstrike Kit
x5 Legendary Air Strike Kit
Cooldown - 24 hours

Commissary Crate
Just like a supply box.
Place anywhere to unlock 3 of a possible 6 drops.

Features animated Commissary Glow!

Rainbow Glow
New Rainbow glow also available on the store! This is an animated glow with a SEVEN COLOR CYCLE. Going through the colors of a rainbow!
This glow has taken the spot of the previous "Black Glow" as the coolest in our eyes.
PLEASE NOTE; When you buy this item on the webstore, it is added straight to the account it is bought for. NO vouchers will be given for Glows on the store. If you wish to buy it for someone else, please gift that pack to them on the webstore.

Trade Master
New Trade Master items will be added to the server on Monday! Make sure to check back and see what's for sale sometime on Jan. 28th.​