January 29th, 2020 - New Prestige Cap (15!), Prestige 10 (P10) Mine, P10 Advancements + more!


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Hello everyone, today we have some additions for you guys to enjoy!

New Max Prestige - 15!
We have extended the max Prestige from P10 to P15! Each Prestiges prior to P11 simply increased by $15,000,000 IGM each Prestige.
However, it's slightly different with the Prestiges above P10. Each Prestige above P10 will cost all the same amount, $200,000,000 IGM each.
With this, there a decent amount of cosmetics/features that can be unlocked once you're P10 or above!
Let's start with the first one.

Newly Added Prestige 10 Mine
We have introduced a Prestige 10 Mine! This mine is available for purchase from the Prestige Shop NPC at /spawn or by typing /token shop while at /spawn.
Access to this mine will cost 10 Prestige Tokens, once you purchase the access, you will be able to do /warp p10 and get to the mine.
With this mine, we hoped to introduce a different style of mine.
What do we mean?
Well, in this mine, the tool you're expected to use most is going to be.. An Axe!
That's right, we wanted to make a mostly Axe Mine, requiring a little different meta to be needed to make the most of the mine, much like Silk Touch is needed in the P1 and P5 Mines. Speaking of Silk Touch, that will definitely be a requirement in the Prestige 10 Mine if you hope to make the most money out of the mine.
That is because the mine is made mostly out of Brown and Red Mushroom Blocks! If you wish to be able to pick those blocks up, you will need Silk Touch.
Below, you can find a preview of what the P10 Mine has along with the blocks you're able to sell in that mine!
Prestige 10 Mine, as you can see, it's mostly blocks that are easiest broken with an Axe!
This mine feature 3 new blocks that have not been on the server before and that can be sold as well as used in decoration at your cell.
These blocks are Brown and Red Mushroom Blocks, which you need Silk Touch for, and Spruce Logs! A new type of wood for you to use in decoration, as well as sell in the mine.

Click here to see a gif preview of the mine.
(Gif was too big to add to post, even with embed)

Here are the available blocks you're able to sell in the mine.

Newly Added Prestige 10 Advancements
Along with the Prestige 10 Mine, once players hit Prestige 10, they will now be able to do Prestige 10 Advancements!
These Prestige 10 Advancements mostly have to do with the blocks found in the Prestige 10 Mine.
Completing these Advancements will grant you $40,000,000 IGM total! Along with a lot of EXP for anyone who is still not Level 50 by the time they get to F Ward.
You can do both Prestige 1 and Prestige 10 Advancements, granting you a total of $60,000,000 IGM to help your adventure to the next Prestige!
Anyone who is P10, should be able to unlock these Advancements using the same command as unlocking the P1 Advancements, which is /pa
Below, you can find a preview of the Prestige 10 Advancements.

Cosmetic Change - Red Prestige Tag In Chat
Once you go above P10, and get to P11, you will see a color change, from Gold to Red, with your Prestige Rank that appears in chat when you type.

Once you have made it all the way to P15 you will see included Dark Red "Magic" texts next to the brackets holding your Prestige number. Shown in short gif below.

Cosmetic Change - New P15 Cosmetic Rank "SUPREME"
As some of you know, or may see, we have some Cosmetic Ranks that are given to players when they hit Prestige 5 (GOD Rank) and Prestige 10 (GOD+ Rank).
With the new max of P15, players will now be given the new |SUPREME| Cosmetic Rank once they reach the new max!
This rank will show any places a Donor Rank or the previous cosmetic ranks would show. On the tab list, above your head, in chat when you speak and Discord.
You can view what the P15 |SUPREME| Cosmetic Rank looks like in chat below.

(Once anyone reaches P15, they should shoot me a PM on Discord if they would like their |SUPREME| Rank on our Discord Server. The rank will be given in-game automatically.)

New Cell Upgrade - Prestige 13 Cell
Once someone hits P13, they will be able to upgrade to an amazing size cell, which has room for FOUR compact floors!
This upgrade of course comes after the P10 Cell in the upgrade list. Below you can see a size comparison of the P10 Cell and the P13 Cell Upgrades.
P10 Cell Size - 35 x 7 x 35
P13 Cell Size - 37 x 11 x 36
With this new Cell Upgrade, you get an additional 4 blocks in height for building, allowing many new creative designs to be possible!
Check out what the P13 Cell Upgrade looks like by clicking the spoiler below or by doing /visit PatP and clicking the SECOND head.

New Prestige Token Shop Additions
With this update, we have added a couple new things for players to purchase, using Prestige Tokens they earn when prestiging, at the Prestige Shop!
Make sure to check out the requirements for purchasing the newly added things.

/speed Command - For Setting Flight Speed
We have added a /speed command for those with /fly to be able set their fly speed to something much faster than default, enabling you to ZOOM around the prison!

Price - 10 Prestige Tokens
Requirement - Must have /fly purchased FIRST in order to buy the /speed command.
Below you can see how you would use the speed command to change your fly speed to anything between 0 (cannot move) and 10 (fast as frick boi).

Click here to see a gif preview of the /speed command.
(Gif was too big to add to post, even with embed)

/customnickname Command - For Setting A Custom Nickname
We have also added a /customnick command which you can use to set your nickname to any pretty much anything you want, with any combination of colors!
As long as it is appropriate (nothing vulgar as there is no filter) and less than 21 Characters total, then you can have your nickname be whatever you want.
You can also use /cn or /customnick for shorter commands. Players with this are able to remove their custom nickname with the command /cn remove.

Price - 15 Prestige Tokens
Requirement - Must be at least PRESTIGE 12 to purchase this perk.
General Notice - Since people P12 and above are able to set their nickname to pretty much whatever they want, given they have bought the perk, there wont be much distinguishing that the person has a nickname on. So, if you see someone P12 with a username you cannot /msg or /visit, then they likely have a custom nickname.
Well, how do you get their real username? You can use the command /realname <their nickname> and it will tell you that persons real username in chat.
Rule Notice - Since anyone purchasing this would be P12 or above, we assume they are going to be responsible with what they nickname themselves and it not be anything that violates the rules, meaning nothing vulgar, cussing or otherwise breaking our general chat rules.
If this Custom Nickname is abused, it will be sad, but we will have no issue punishing you on the server and taking away your access to the perk. So, don't be an idiot.
Below you can see how to set an example /customnickname, how to use the /realname command as well as how you remove your /customnickname.

Couple Gang Related Changes
We have updated our gangs plugin slightly over the last few days with fixes/additions which you can find below.

Kicking For Officers (Starting After Reboots Tonight)
will be able to kick others members from Gangs now, as long as that Officer is not trying to kick another Officer or the Leader.
Why this wasn't a thing before, that was because Officers were able to kick other Officers from the gangs previously, so that has been fixed now.
Starting tomorrow (more like in 12 hours), Officers should have this ability. If you try on the same day as this post, it will likely say you don't have permission to do that.

Gang Renaming
People have requested this for a while, and we were able to get it implemented without any issues (at least that we saw). If you are the LEADER of a Gang, you should be able to run the /g rename <new gang name> and that should change your Gangs name! Of course, you can't change it to something that has already been taken.
Enjoy sprucing up your Gang with a fresh new name if you don't like/are tired of your current one!
Let us know if any of you Gang Leaders out there have issues when renaming your Gang, please shoot me or a staff member a message explaining the issue.

Few Additional Things Coming In The Future
Below you will find a couple things we plan on adding in the near future, however I am putting them here as they don't merit a post by themselves.

Chamber Status Inside Mine Hologram
, we will be adding a "Chamber Status" section to each mine's hologram, which will tell you if the chamber for that mine has been FOUND or if it's STILL OPEN.
This is something people have been asking for a long time now and we were finally able to get it added!
Below you can find a preview of what the "Chamber Status" will look like in the holograms once they're added.
This is what each mine's hologram will say if the chamber has not been found. Meaning it's STILL OPEN and up for grabs!

If a chamber has been FOUND that mine reset, then it will switch the hologram to the one found below.
It will change back to "STILL OPEN" next mine generation, when a new chamber is placed.

/blockstop Command - Showing Top 10 Block Breakers
In the next week or so
, we hope to have a /blockstop command added, which will tell you the Top 10 Players that have the most blocks broken!
This will be a total leader board, meaning it will not reset on a weekly/monthly basis and there will be no sort of rewards at the time the command is added.
If possible, we will likely add a monthly leader board for blocks broken, but that would be after the Top 10 total leader board is out.
Stay tuned for /blockstop Top 10 list!

Other Small Changes
+ Prestige 1 and Prestige 5 mines have been changed to reset every 5 minutes, instead of every 8.
+ Fixed a bug where you would sometimes get multiple /rewards for completing a single Advancement.​