July 14th - /yard Shakedowns & Double Crystal Weekend!


Staff member
Shakedowns are here! Shakedowns act as Envoys, but with a little prison theme. Shakedowns will be started in the yard automatically every 2 hours! However, there must be at least 15 players on for these automatic Shakedowns to start!

How do these Shakedowns work? Well! Once you head over to /yard you will see a new hologram that states when the Shakedown will start.
Once a Shakedown has started, 20 chests will spawned below the spawn! They will spawn randomly in a circle radius from the spawn island.
Once a Shakedown has started, everyone will have 5 minutes to gathers all of the chests!

These chests look like normal chests, however there are 4 rarities of chests! Just like our Crystals, you can find Common, Rare, Epic AND Legendary chests in the yard! These rarities will only be visible to you as a player by their firework! If these chests are not found they will shoot off a firework above them to show their location. This firework will either be White, Gold, Blue or Purple. These colors of fireworks are the same color as our rarities on our enchants!

You can find pretty rare stuff and never before seen items in these Shakedowns! This includes items like Ender Pearls, some potions and even very rare Music Discs! But beware! If you open a chest with good loot in it, you may be slowed down for a couple seconds!​

That's right! This weekend, you have X2 the chance to get a Crystal when breaking a block! Enjoy all the extra Crystals this weekend, because come Monday it is gone!