July 19th, 2019 - Level & Enchant Cap Raised, New Enchant, Prestige Advancements & P5 Mine, Gang Levels, 4 New Crates + more!


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Today we have a fairly large update for you guys to enjoy! A lot of this stuff has been requested for a bit and we're glad to finally add it.

Level & Enchant Changes
We have made some additions to leveling which includes raising the total level and enchantment cap, adding buffed up Level 2 versions of abilities and even a completely new enchant for players to gain!
Dedicated player have been asking for a lot of these changes for a while and we have finally been able to do it.

Max Level Cap Raised To 50
Dedicated player have been asking for a while and we have finally been able to do it.
We have increased the max level to 50! This means that you can now grind your way up to a higher level while on your journey to the top rank.
The amount of total EXP needed to get to level 50 is a lot, 8,775,000 EXP total. For context, it took a total of 2,000,000 EXP to go from Level 1 to 35. It will take over 3x the EXP to get from 35-50 than from 1-35. We see most players hitting Level 35 by the end of D, so this should be a good amount of levels to work for while making your way through the E and F wards.

8th Max Enchant Added At Level 40
With the newly raised level cap, we have also raised the total amount of enchantments allowed on items! Previously, you would get your 7th enchant at Level 25 and not go any further.
Now you can add your 8th Enchant to an item once you hit Level 40! That's right, once you stretch beyond the old cap of Level 35 and make it to 40, you will be able to add an 8th enchant to your items making them that much stronger.
The level to enchantment number unlocks are as follows;
Level 1: 2 Enchants | Level 5: 3 Enchants | Level 10: 4 Enchants | Level 15: 5 Enchants | Level 20: 6 Enchants | Level 25: 7 Enchants | Level 40: 8 Enchants

Level 2 Abilities
We have also added "Level 2" versions of each /level ability you can unlock. Each Level 2 version of the ability is slightly better than the Level 1s.
The cool-downs have not changed, however the return of the ability when compared to their Level 1 versions should be higher.
Click the spoiler below to learn more info about the Level 2 abilities and at what level they unlock.
Nuke Ability
Lvl 1 Unlock - Player Level 5
Lvl 2 Unlock - Player Level 22
A Lvl 2 Nuke, simply put, is much bigger than the Lvl 1. It has a larger radius and will break more blocks.

Lightning in a Bottle Ability
Lvl 1 Unlock - Player Level 10
Lvl 2 Unlock - Player Level 27
A Lvl 2 Lightning in a Bottle has a wider break radius and will cause many more blocks to be destroyed when compared to a Lvl 1.

Chickenator Ability
Lvl 1 Unlock - Player Level 15
Lvl 2 Unlock - Player Level 32
The Lvl 2 version of the Chickenator ability will spawn more chickens with a lower health amount allowing them to be killed quicker and spawning more.

Minions Ability
Lvl 1 Unlock - Player Level 20
Lvl 2 Unlock - Player Level 37
The Minion ability at Lvl 2 will spawn 3 total minions instead of the 1 at Lvl 1. These buffed up Lvl 2 Minions should be able to break blocks quicker and target more valuable blocks.

Emerald Grenade Ability
Lvl 1 Unlock - Player Level 25
Lvl 2 Unlock - Player Level 40
The Lvl 2 Emerald Grenade has double the "pull" radius when searching for blocks to pull to the surface of the mine giving you a much more plentiful chunk of blocks to mine when compared to the Lvl 1 version.

Tornado Ability
Lvl 1 Unlock - Player Level 30
Lvl 2 Unlock - Player Level 45
When compared to the Lvl 1 version, the Lvl 2 Tornado ability will give leave out the ores as a possibility in the chest and only include minerals in their block form. There will also be more total blocks when compared to the Lvl 1 variant.

Dragon Ability
Lvl 1 Unlock - Player Level 35
Lvl 2 Unlock - Player Level 50
The mighty Dragon ability at Lvl 2 will last longer and destroy many more blocks when compared to Lvl 1. Lasting twice as long and and a 25% reduction in warm-up time allowing for a much higher yield.

New Legendary Tool Enchant - Lucky
To go along with the new Level & Enchantment caps being raised, we have also introduced a new Legendary Tool Enchantment, Lucky!
What does Lucky do? Well, the Lucky Enchantment will increase the likelihood of your Mine Drops being an item of Epic or higher rarity.
To be clear, this does not mean that you will find drops more often than you do now, that is not how it works. What is does do, when you do actually find a /reward when mining, it will increase the likelihood that is is a BETTER drop. As stated above, I said Epic+. This means that with the Lucky enchant, the chance of finding the following items when mining has been increased Epic Crystal, Epic Mine Strike, Legendary Crystal, Legendary Mine Strike & Mine Tokens. This should mean that when given a mine reward, it should consist of less Common and Rare Crystals/Strikes and more of the good stuff.

Each level of the "Lucky" enchant will increase the chance of your mining reward being an Epic+ item by 25%. This means at Level 4, the chance of your drop being not a Common or Rare is doubled (100% more).
If you like better drops, make sure to get your hands on this enchantment by using a Legendary Crystal on your pickaxe and hoping you get it!

Prestige Additions
We have added some aspects to Prestige that many players have asked for, we hope you wonderful players who are Prestige or wanting to prestige enjoy these.

Prestige Advancements
We have added Prestige Advancements! That's right, you can now do a set of 14 total advancements once you have prestiged and made it to F Ward!
These new Prestige Advancements will grant players who do them all, $19,000,000 total IGM to be used for ranking up and a total of 1,200,000 EXP.
I will admit, most of these advancements are pretty mundane, but the mine is mostly Snow, Ice and Diamond/Emerald Blocks, so that is what the advancements consist of mostly. However, for those looking to rank up and grind their way to the top, most of these should be able to be done with relative ease while just mining/selling normally.

How do you unlock these wonderful Prestige Advancements? Well, if you have already reached Prestige 1 (or higher) and are ALSO in F Ward, then all you need to do is run the command /pa (Short for Prestige Advancements).
Once you run this command, you should notice a new tab in your advancements menu that is a Diamond Block. This is where you will find the Prestige Advancements.

Prestige Advancements can be redone each time you prestige, allowing for a little extra helpful boost when trying to make your way to the top. However, you will have to run the command each time you prestige and get back to F Ward to unlock them.

Prestige 5 Mine
We have also added a new mine which can be bought at the Prestige Shop found at /spawn for 4 Tokens.
This new mine can ONLY be bought once you have reached Prestige 5 or higher.
The Prestige 5 mine is expected to output about 25% more than the Prestige 1 mine.
Once you purchase access you can go there by typing /warp p5 at spawn (there is no NPC).
It is basically the same as Prestige 1 mine, however it just has slightly more Diamond & Emerald Blocks.

Prestige Mine Chambers
Chambers can now be found in the Prestige Mines! These chambers currently contain the same loot chances/drops as F Ward, making them still the best chambers you can find.

Gang Levels
Officers and Owners of Gangs can now level their gangs up!
What does leveling up your gang do? Gets you more members and changes the color of your gangs name in chat!
There are currently 3 Levels in which your gang can be.

Level 1 - Starter Level, 6 Members
Level 2 - $2,000,000 IGM, 9 Members, Green Gang Name
Level 3 - $5,000,000 IGM, 12 Members, Red Gang Name

You can view how each level of a gang would look in chat below;

How do you level up your gang? If you are the Owner or an Officer, you can use the command /g levelup and it will take the money out of your balance.

4 New Crates
4 new crates have been added to the webstore for purchase. With the additions of these crates, we have also removed the Accommodation and Commissary Crates with these as replacements.
Learn more about the each crate and their contents below. If you are interested, you can check them out on our webstore here.

1.13 - 1.14.3 Connections
The server now allows connections up to 1.14.3. You will no longer have to stay on 1.12.
This does not include any blocks/features from those versions, just allowing the connections and hopefully easier for people to connect.
There still may be a bit buggy and have some issues such as random kicks and other visual things, so let us know on Discord or the forums if you encounter any problems on versions higher than 1.12.2.
With that said, 1.14.4 just came out in the last couple days and we will be updating at a future time to allow those connections.

Trade Master Inventory Swapped
It's been 2 weeks since the Trade Master switched out his stock and it's now time he gets new items.
This rotation the Trade Master features a new Mine Bomb called the Minedozer! This Mine Bomb will wreck it's way through the mine on contact. It is the best Mine Bomb you can get on the server.
Check out the rest of the items the Trade Master has for sale by clicking him at /spawn.

Other Changes
Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Mine Strikes cool-downs have been reduced to 45 seconds from 60.
Added /g levelup to /help gangs command.
Added Lucky enchant to the /enchants menu.
Added Snow Layers to the Prestige Mine shop, to account for an Advancement.
Changed some of the backgrounds of the Advancements menu, so they're not all just stone.
Changed the colors/names of the Advancement's tabs to show which ward they are for.​