July 7th Update - PVP & Prestige!


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Hello everyone! Today I have a pretty decent update for you guys. Today we are introducing PVP (which came out on Thursday, don't tell anyone) and Prestige! That's right. You guys have asked for both and we finally got them!
Welcome to the Prison Yard! You can access the yard by typing the command /yard anywhere on the server! This will then transfer you to the yard server where you will be spawned in a safe area. Once you drop down, you will be able to fight other inmates also in the yard! Beware though! If you die, you will lose your items!

With the yard comes tons of possibilities, with future updates including lootable crates and air drops, bounties and more!

With this new addition, you will be able to track your gangs ‘Kill to Death’ ratio. So make sure you equip your gang members too!

You can use the following commands to see a gang OR player's Kills/Deaths/KDR!
/g player <playerName> - Will show you the stats of that player!
/g info <gangName> - Will show you the stats of that gang!

There will be future leader boards for these stats too, so make sure to keep an eye on them!

Of course with PVP, we had to add some weapon enchantments! We have added 5 total enchants that can be applied to Sword and Axes! These enchants can be applied the normal way an enchant would be applied to a Tool.
[Common] Drain - Chance to lower the food level of the player targeted.
[Rare] Head Hunter - Chance to drop the head of the killed player. Go collect your kill trophies!
[Epic] Disarmour - Chance to cause a piece of the targets armor to be removed.
[Legendary] Pickpocket - Take a percentage of your enemies balance during battle. (Max amount is 100k at Level 4)
[Legendary] Sharpness - Increases overall damage dealt.
You can see all these enchants and what they do in the /enchants, along with all others! More Weapon enchants will be added as time goes on.

That's right! You can now prestige! Prestige is unlocked once you have unlocked all previous ranks (Rank [F4]). Upon prestige, all your data will be reset, which includes your Level, Balance, Inventory, Cell, Rewards and Advancements. You will then be sent back to [A1]. You will also gain a prestige tag in front of your ward rank in chat that will show as [P1].

The cost for ranking up between wards will not increase as you prestige, the only step that will increase in price is the last F4 to Prestige step. Prestige 1 costs 20mil for instance.

If you see this in your /rankup, that means you are ready to go on your prestige!​

Ahh, what do you get for prestige? Prestige Tokens! With these tokens, you will be able to buy awesome commands, cosmetics and perks that will put you above the rest and should help you out!
These commands include things like /sell hand, /sell all, /craft and more! With even more command/perks to come in the future! Commands that will help you greatly will not come cheap however! Some may require you to prestige more than once!

You can access the Token Shop by using the NPC found at the Alcatraz Spawn, or by typing /token shop anywhere on the server. You can also use /token top to see who the Top 10 token balances are. Granted, it will say 0 until 10 people prestige, but it's still there!​

Take a look at the video from @0rbas that shows what happens when you prestige!

This has been out for a while, however hasn't been mentioned in a post... So here it is! The July Supply drop! In this supply drop, you will get 4 out of a total of 9 EXCLUSIVE TO JULY items! There will be a new supply drop each month with new items. All possible items from the July Supply Box include:​

Username Style
Crit Particle
Flame Particle
Beam Particle Style
Point Particle Style
Dark Dragon Miniature Pet
Frog Miniature Pet

Summer Name Tag
Blue Player Glow

You cannot get duplicate drops from a single supply crate, however, if you open multiple there is a possibility to get the same items. Don't worry though! You are given redeemable vouchers for each item.. So if you happen to get something you don't want, you can always try selling it! For you people without IRL money to spend.. This means even you can get your hands on some of the exclusive items by buying them from other players!
As some of you guys might have noticed from the in game boss bar, we are having a 25% off sale on the webstore this weekend! So make sure to head over to http://store.jailbreakmc.com and get your hands on that sweet, sweet sale! BEWARE! /buy has decided it cannot do math and isn't properly calculating the sale! So the RANKS and RANK UPGRADES prices are wrong in /buy! Make sure to head to the store to see the real price.

We already had it on the Discord, however we have it on the forums now too! We have added a "Gang Recruitment" section to the forums. If you are looking to join a gang, or looking for players to join yours, drop a post in there and show what you're about!

Hope you guys enjoy the update and have a great weekend!
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Woo new updates!! When i hit prestige ill make a video on it as well for those of you who are interested so be on the lookout ;)

Love to see whats in store for the future :D