Accepted KermHasan Ban Appeal

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Minecraft Username: KermHasan
2. Ban Reason: Racist slurs
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: no
4. Who were you banned by: i_love_tigger
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: i believe i should be unbanned because me and my little brother(his 11) got into a fight and i had to go help my mom with preparing dinner when i got back i saw the ban hammer got dropped my brother told me next time dont take my beyblades i was so pissed and untop of that he said he kept telling to ban my account and kept swearing in the chat thats what he said he was doing he might have done worse. so i think that i shouldnt be banned because it wasnt me and i will be sure something like this doesnt happend again i will put a password and lock the pc everytime i go out. i am soooo sorry for causing you guys trouble i just wanna start playing this server again its my favorite one. plus why would i say i wanted to be banned and then write an appeal.
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Hi KermHasan, I want you to know that your account is your responsibility to safeguard. It does not matter if it was you or someone else using the account. What matter is the actions performed through your account was insensitive and will not be tolerated on the server.

I am glad that I have your assurance that this will not happen again, therefore, I shall accept your ban appeal. Understand that if you are banned again for the same reason you will not be allowed to appeal and will be permanently banned.

Your ban will be reduced to 1 Day. Please use this time to look over the rules prior to re-joining the server and make sure you understand them.

Thank you and see you on the server soon.

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