Kwameboteg's Ban Appeal

1. Minecraft Username: Kwameboteg
2. Ban Reason: Freecam
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No
4. Who were you banned by: I_love_Tigger
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I enjoy this game and realize that if I want to enjoy it more i don't need to cheat. and I would like to continue to play this game.


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Hi Kwameboteg! Thanks for making your ban appeal today.

Since you were banned for hacks, we will need screenshots of the following:
- .minecraft Folder (in %appdata%)
- Mods Folder
- Version Folder
- Resource/Texture Packs Folder
- Recycle Bin
- Desktop

Please use a screenshot program such as Lightshot, Gyazo or ShareX (the best one) to upload pictures.

You can add the screenshots and edit your current post, or make a new thread.
Thanks for your time and have a great day!


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Hi Kwameboteg. There are 2 criteria that will be considered for your ban appeal.

First Criteria - I noticed some inconsistencies in your .minecraft folder, as listed below. I am suspecting that the .minecraft folder you showed us was not the original one that you had used to play minecraft with. Could you please explain??
  1. You had presented your mods folder but I do not see it in the .minecraft folder
  2. Your recycling bin showed that you had deleted the hacked client - Aristois on 1st Aug, 12pm, but the last modified date of your versions folder is 30 July, 2:30pm.
Second Criteria - Your ban history showed that you were banned for ban evasion of the player Ggingerbread. Therefore, I will have to wait for verification from Youssef whom has banned Ggingerbread to confirm that you guys are indeed two different person.

Ggingerbread had a history of using Freecam with a hacked client, this is the exact same reason you were banned for. We do not easily accept ban appeals for 2nd offences, should you and Ggingerbread be the same person.
I'm not sure how to respond to the first criteria I just went through the files I was told to, and screenshot what was there and deleted the mods.