March 18th, 2019 - Duels, 2 More Vote Sites, New TM Items + Supply Boxes!


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Hello everyone! Today we have a small edition for all of you PvPers or those of you that just want to show you're the boss around the Prison.

Today we introduce the ability to duel other players! Duels currently have 3 kits, Archer, Protection 4 Diamond & Iron. We also have 1 Arena to go along with it at this time. We plan on introducing more kits and arenas if players like the system.

What do you have to do to duel another player?
Well, first you and that player will have to use the command /duels.
The /duels command will take you to the duels server. Once you and the player have met in the duels lobby, you simply do /duel <username> (amount).
Keep in mind, the amount is a MONEY BET that can be made on that duel. It is OPTIONAL and not every duel needs to have a bet.

The duel server is just like the /event server and it will have a separate inventory, so it may look like you lost your items, but you have not.

Kits in the Duel also have ELO, and your ELO will go up or down (for that kit) depending on whether you win on lose the duel. Have a high ELO? Most likely means you win a lot of duels.
Everyone has a default ELO of 1400.
You also have the ability to check another player's stats AND their ELO on certain kits with the command /duel stats <username>. There are also various other commands to see info like checking the leader-board for wins, losses or ELO on a certain kit.

Click below to see a list of total commands that you can use!
If you wish to see these commands at any time, you can simply type the command /duel while on the duel server.

Let us know what new kits you would like to see in the duels!

New Vote Sites
We have now included the addition of two more sites when voting!
This means that you can get up to 4 Trade Tokens per day by voting on each site!
With the addition of the new sites, you will also see an inflation of the prices for items in the Trade Master. Since we have more sites, the prices per item have gone up slightly.

Make sure to vote on all 4 each day to ensure your chances of getting what you want from the Trade Master!

Type /vote in game and click the Book & Quill to see a list of the sites! Reminder that after you have successfully voted on a server, you will need to type /vote again and click the Emerald to claim your Token.

Trade Master
The Trade Master has a refreshed inventory. As stated above, the prices are slightly inflated due to the addition of more voting sites. Check him out at /warp A or using /trademaster at spawn.

What do you want to see included in the Trade Master? Let us know below!

St. Patrick's Supply Boxes
On Saturday the special St. Patrick's Supply Boxes were added to store. These crates will be leaving the store tomorrow night! You can check out the valuable items they contain by viewing them on the store by clicking here.​
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