March 29th, 2019 - Chat Colors, April Supply Box, New Name Tags & Kit + more!


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Hello everyone! Today we have a couple small additions on the server for you guys to enjoy.
Make sure to read the whole thing and answer the question at the bottom. <3

Chat Colors
We have introduced chat colors to the server as a new cosmetic perk for users to enjoy!

Each Donor Rank has their rank's corresponding chat color.
STAFF Ranks - Light Purple Chat Color
GOLD Rank - Gold Chat Color
DIAMOND Rank - Aqua Chat Color
EMERALD Rank - Green Chat Color
All Users - Gray Chat Color (Default Color)
NOTE: Donor Ranks will NOT see their color in the chat color menu. You simply have the above colors as your ranks DEFAULT chat color.
You only have your current ranks color. If you wish to go back to the default gray chat color, you can do so by clicking "Gray" in the chat color menu.

You can set your Chat Color by using the command /chatcolor in game!
You will only see Chat Colors that you have access to, not all possible colors.
The color should (hopefully) carry with you as you switch servers like the Name Tags, Player Glows & Username Colors.
This feature (cross-server sync) may be a bit laggy, and if that is the case, it will be changed to single server instances like the pets.

We will add more chat colors to the server through various methods in the future, however there are currently minimal colors available.

Monthly Supply Box - April
With March coming to an end, it's time to announce the next month's Supply Box.
On Monday, April 1st we will be adding the April Supply Box to the webstore!
You can view what the Supply Box will offer a little early below in the screenshot.

The Supply Box features the first non-rank Chat Color.. Yellow! Yellow Chat Color will only be available through the April Supply Box.

x2 New Particle Trails (/trails)
x1 New Miniature Pet (/mpet open)
x2 New Name Tags (/nametag)
x1 New ANIMATED Player Glow (/glow)
x1 Completely NEW Cosmetic Yellow Chat Color (/chatcolor)
x1 New Custom Enchanted Cosmetic Item (Sunglasses)
You will receive 4 out of the total 8 new items.

As stated above, this Supply Box will be available on Monday, April 1st on the webstore here.

New Name Tags & Kit
We have added many new Name Tags with this update with some being in the webstore, Supply Box & Trade Master!
View what the new Name Tags & Kit are and how/where to get them below.

BANNED Name Tag - Available On The Webstore.
d-_-b (Unamused) Name Tag - Available On The Webstore.
d•_•b (Surprised) Name Tag - Available On The Webstore.
FOOL! Name Tag - Available In The April Supply Box.
(ง'-')ง (Stickem' Up) Name Tag - Available In The April Supply Box.
NERD Name Tag - Trade Master Exclusive. Available This Rotation Cycle (Now)!

New Kit
A new kit containing Mystery Repair Scrolls has been added to the game.
/kit repair is available on the store in the kits section found here.
This kit, like the others, has a 24 hour cooldown.

Purchasing and using /kit repair will give you the following items;
x5 Mystery Epic Repair Scrolls
x2 Mystery Legendary Repair Scrolls

New Trade Master Items
The Trade Master has refreshed his stock of items he is selling, and it's featuring the new NERD Name Tag.
This rotation also has the return of the Trade Master exclusive animated Player Glow. Get it before it's gone again!
Check out what the Trade Master is offering by using /trademaster at spawn or seeing the Trade Master NPC at /warp a.
The items he is offering will refresh again in 2 weeks.

Interview for Angry-Mob
I recently did an interview for a neat little site called
They do interviews & articles about various gaming communities across the internet.
It was a fun experience as I have never done an interview before, so go give it a read if you're into that kind of thing.
Make sure to check out my interview and Angry-Mob's other content.
Click here to be taken to the interview.

Small Changes
- The tab-list has been slightly changed and will now show the donors usernames as colors on the tab list.
- Abilities can now be used in the Prestige Mine.
- A crafting table has been added to Prestige Mine, under the sell NPC.
- Switched around some player glows & name tags in their menus.
- Changed the design of the /kit menu's lore a bit.
- HELPER rank has now been changed to TRAINEE. Same rank/perms/requirements, different name.

We hope you enjoy the changes & additions to the server.
Have a great weekend!

What do you want to see added to the server?
Let us know in the comments of this announcement below!
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I would love to see random drops added when fishing as the raw fish is the only item attainable and is completely worthless and expensive compared to a simple chicken farm. I myself was very disappointed after finally attaining enough string to make one and then spend the time to fish to only get raw fish for my money, time, and effort put in.