May 10th, 2019 - Trade Master Update!


Staff member
Hello everyone, today we have a small addition to the server for you guys to enjoy.
We have added and made some changes to things on the Trade Master found at /spawn.

Trade Master Changes/Additions
Check out the change we have made to Trade Master.

Mine Tokens
We have introduced Mine Tokens which you can find as a block reward when mining in the mines!
These Mine Tokens are an uncommon drop when breaking blocks. If you find a Mine Token, like other mine drops, it will appear in your /rewards.
You can trade in these Mine Tokens to the Trade Master for various mine related items.

Individual Trade Master Shops
With the recent introduction of the PVP Tokens and the new Mine Tokens added today, we have decided to break off the Trade Master into 3 individual shops that each use their own token type.
We have also added a Currency Exchange for Trade Token trade-ins. Read more about those below!

Mine Token Shop
Buy various mining related items with your Mine Tokens.
This shop cycle is offering up an Efficiency 6 Pickaxe as one of the sale items!

PVP Token Shop
Buy various PVP related gear and items with your PVP Tokens.
This shop cycle is offering up HERMES' Boots which have Light Weight 5!

Vote Token Shop
Buy random boosts and items that might help you in game with your Vote Tokens.
Wanna get into the farming scene? Get your hands on the Farmer Kit up for sale this cycle!

Currency Exchange
Trade in old outdated Trade Tokens for the new Vote Tokens which have replaced them.

Trade Tokens Renamed
1 Trade Token = 1 Vote Token
We have decided that the name "Trade Token" is kinda confusing when you have a lot of different types of tokens because every token is a Trade Token..
So, now when you /vote for the server you will be getting Vote Tokens. Vote Tokens are the exact same as Trade Tokens and have replaced them in the Trade Master.

Use the Currency Exchange to exchange your Trade Tokens 1 for 1 (1 Trade Token = 1 Vote Token) with Vote Tokens so you can keep using the Vote Token Shop!
If you ever find someone with old Trade Tokens, or you happen to get one yourself, you can always use the Currency Exchange to swap them out.

Personal Block Counts [BETA] Update
Some of you may have realized that last night and today the /blocks count has been paused and is no longer updating.
This was due to a bug that would cause players to lose their permissions or donor group when logging out of the server.
We believe we have found a fix for this, and it will go into effect tonight when the servers reboot.
Tomorrow, you should be able to see yours and others block counts when blocks are broken!
Hopefully this patch on the Person Block Counts is enough to keep it going.
As explained before, the Personal Block Counts is a BETA feature, and may be edited, cleared, or removed at any point.
If we do not have any major issues during the BETA phase of this addition, we will probably add onto the feature with things like Personal Block Count leader boards (Something like /blocks top) and other things.

We hope you enjoy the additions to the Trade Master and enjoy your weekend!​