My Resignation <3


Accustomed Inmate
Hello people who read the forums. I hate writing sappy paragraphs so imma just make this short cause I don't want people to be like LOL DALLAS GOT DEMOTED. (which is still kinda funny ngl even if it's not true)

After 8 months and a week today I have decided to resign. Mainly because I just never play, My specialty was hitting a playtime of 2 minutes last week. Was a pretty crazy week if you ask me :)
Uhhh Thanks to everyone on the staff team who really made this server a lot of fun

I'd like to get a special shout out to my best friends that I made from this server, iTurtles (but he's useless so who cares), Minymose, Derpaakaz, bbgunftw,

Lastly I'd like just tell everyone that you guys are all amazing and really gave me enjoyment over the last 8 months. I remember back when I was in C mine and I met some cool people and I've been friends with them ever since.

Ily all please never change.



Staff member
excuse me

how dare you
you were supposed to reach s. mod before you resigned

best of luck tho with whatever u do in the future, will be missed :(


Accustomed Inmate
DAALSLALLALSALS mr salad ily <3 wish u the best and i hope our friendship will continue to grow stronger , thank you for everything you've done for me ever since we met :D