New Mob Arena Map, December Supply Drop & Double Mine Drops Week!


Staff member
Hello everyone, today we have a small update for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

New Mob Arena Map
The Sewers map made by most of the staff team has been added to the Mob Arena! For those that do not know, you can get to the Mob Arena by using the /mobarena command when you have an empty inventory.
The Sewers map is a little more challenging than the original map (which is still available to play). With this map, there are also some changes in the numbers involved..
With the "Sewers" map added, each person will be given 3 (three) total lives, as opposed to the 2 available to you in the "Arena" maps. With this, there is also more time and more available spots for people to join! In the Sewers map, you will need at least 4 people to start and can have a max of 6 people in the map. We hope you guys enjoy the new map!
We will also be added some new kits to the Mob Arena very soon! Kits named Scout, Tank and Witch! These kits will be obtainable through various methods in the game. Stay tuned!

December Supply Drop
Sorry for the delay, but the December Supply Drop is finally here! Get your hands on the all new Supply Drop by checking out the "Supply Drops" section of the store here.
Here is a preview of the items in the crate;

Double Mine Drops Week
To give back for the lag over the weekend, I have made it Double Mine Drops week! From now until Sunday you can get your hand on double the chance to drop something in the mine! This means double Crystals and Double Air Strikes all week long! Enjoy!​