November 22nd, 2019 - Addition of "The Marketplace"!


Staff member
Hello everyone, today we have an addition for you that we hope you guys enjoy.

The Marketplace
We have gone ahead with the addition of "The Marketplace" which is an area of RENTABLE Markets/Shop areas for buying and selling goods to/from other players.

Why Add The Marketplace When You Have Cell Shops?
We have made this addition because we feel like people who are wanting to SELL items would benefit by selling from a Marketplace as, hopefully, there would be more immediate players coming past the items you are offering.
As for people who are wanting to BUY items from other players should hopefully find anything they need much easier than having to hop from cell to cell (which is often sub-server to sub-server too).
In The Marketplace, people looking to buy should be able to quickly view what MULTIPLE players are offering and be able to possibly quick compare pricing and such.
For people doing any sort of profit shopping or sell items that you have bought very often, hopefully you see a Marketplace as worth it.

How Does The Marketplace Work?
Well, as stated above, Marketplaces are RENTABLE, which means you have to actively keep paying for it if you wish to keep it.
The COST for a Market is $25,000 per 12 hours. There is also a MAX RENT TIME of 3 DAYS that you cannot go over.
The cost for 3 days of renting a Market is $150,000. You must get on at least every 3 Days and extend your rent or your Market will be LOST.
Yes, we mean LOST. These Markets are intended to be.. just that, a Market. Therefore, you should not be placing any super valuable stuff in the Market unless you want to risk something coming up and you possibly not being able to extend rent, and losing the items inside that to the person who comes and rents out the Market after you.

Additional Info
The WALLS of the Markets are EDITABLE. This is so you can add some style to your Market!
HOWEVER; You CANNOT place CHESTS on the WALLS of the Market.
This is because we DO NOT want this to be for storage. Use your cell for storing items and doing things like smelting.

You can get to the Marketplace and check out one of the 40 Markets available for rent by using the command /marketplace which will transfer you to the Marketplace server.
Once there, you can run down the isle of Markets and see if anyone is selling anything or if you are interested in renting one.
You can also view Market commands by using /market help when at The Marketplace.

Our hope is that this is an easier experience for both buyer and sells of items rather than having to hunt down different cells, now players can tell others looking for items like Water, Cosmetics or Profit Shopping to go check out the /marketplace, at least that is the hope.

Players may or may not use this area as much as we hope, but were giving this addition a shot! If it's constantly dead and no one is renting out the Markets, we may make some adjustments to the way it works to bring in more people, or completely remove it if people prefer the Cell shop method.

Trade Master Changes
It's been 2 Weeks since the last Trade Master change and that means his stock has REFRESHED! Check out what he's offering visiting him at /spawn.

Black Friday Special NEXT WEEK!
We will be having a Black Friday Sale with the addition of some Black Friday Special (BFS) Crates.
Sale will be ONLY Friday and Saturday, and the Crates will be available for the WEEKEND (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).
The sale WILL NOT be active on these BFS Crates as they're new Crates to the store and that is how we did it last year.
How much off is the sale? Well, you'll have to wait 1 Week to find out! However, now you know that there will at least be one.​