October 17th, 2019 - New Crates & Bundles, GOD and GOD+ Cosmetic Prestige Ranks + Double Mine Drops Weekend!


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Hello everyone, today we have some additions for your guys that we hope you enjoy!

4 New Crates
We have added 4 New Crates to the Webstore for players to purchase! One of which is a LIMITED TIME Crate and will be removed after a certain time.

We have added in a LIMITED TIME HALLOWEEN Crate which you can purchase on our webstore only until Friday, November 8th.
This Crate features new Halloween related cosmetics which you can get a preview of below.
You can also find an all NEW Chat Color that hasn't been added before... Dark Purple!
You can find a preview of the HALLOWEEN Crate's contents below.

We have also added a Crate which features various racing/speed related Cosmetics/Items.
You can find a preview of the RACER Crate's contents below.

The third of the new themed Crates we have added is the KOOPA Crate! This Crate features various items from the world of Mario & Luigi!
You can find a preview of the KOOPA Crate's contents below.

The final of our new themed crates is the OCEAN Crate. In this Crate, you can find all sorts of cosmetics based around water and the ocean!
You can find a preview of the OCEAN Crate's contents below.

Store Bundle Deals
We have added some bundles to the webstore as well.
Bundles are multiple items combined into one nice package on the store for less price than buying them separately! Who doesn't like a deal?!
The bundles we have decided to start with can be found below;

Starter Bundle
Purchase Limit: 1 Starter Bundle Per Player
Bundle Cost: $42.50 $24.99! ($17.50 Saved!)
New to the server and want to get a boost when starting out? Check out the STARTER BUNDLE today!
Once you purchase the Starter Bundle, you will be given the following items;
x1 GAMER Crate

BOLD Username Style (/colorme L)

/kit Airstrike (x5 Legendary Mine Strikes every 24hrs)
Iron Guard Boss Spawn Egg

BUNDLE Name Tag (Bundle Exclusive!)
Crate Bundle
Bundle Cost: $30.00 $24.99! ($5.00 Saved!)
Receive one of each new crates that has recently been added to our server!
1x RACER Crate
1x KOOPA Crate
1x OCEAN Crate
Halloween Bundle
Bundle Cost: $55.00 $39.99! ($15.00 Saved!)
Receive one of each item that can be found on our server store as part of a special Halloween Deal!
1x OCTOBER Supply Box
1x Wither Knight Boss Egg
To view the contents of the crates and items, please click on the package names above.

GOD and GOD+ Cosmetic Prestige Ranks
We have added some cosmetic ranks that you get once you reach a certain prestige! GOD and GOD+!
What in the world does a cosmetic rank mean? It's basically just a rank that is meant to only be cosmetic and have no other perks/permissions.
What "benefits" does it give you? Well, what cosmetic ranks do! So, it would appear in chat next to your username, above your head next to your username and on the tab list next to your username.
Why have we added this? Some people wanted more cosmetics for prestige ranks and this was suggested by players, so we added it since we could!
When do you get access to these ranks? If you are P1, P2, P3 or P4.. You will not have one of these cosmetic ranks, you will just have your donor rank shown (if you have one). Once you hit P5, you will be given the GOD rank! This GOD rank will cover your donor rank to other players, however you still maintain the perks from it. You will keep the GOD rank for P5, P6, P7, P8 & P9. Once a player reaches P10, you will given the GOD+ rank, which is only obtainable by reaching that prestige.

You can get a preview of what the ranks look like in chat below!

Additional Information on GOD and GOD+
If you are already eligible for these ranks based on what prestige you are now, check out your rank next time you log into the game! You should have the rank already. If this is not the case, shoot me (PatP on the JailBreakMC Discord) a message and I will check it out for you.
As stated above, if you have a donor rank and reach one of these cosmetic prestige ranks, you still keep your donor rank perks and you can still upgrade your donor rank at a later time if you wish, for more perks. That should not effect your GOD or GOD+ prestige rank.
If for whatever reason, you really really want your donor rank to show and you are P5 or above, I guess you can message me on Discord and I can remove the GOD or GOD+ rank from you, so your donor rank shows. But, in my opinion, showing your grinded your way to a rank is a lot cooler than showing you paid for one. :D

Double Mine Drops Weekend
This weekend we will be having another Double Mine Drops Weekend!
What does this mean? Well, that means that starting tomorrow, at around 1PM EST (An announcement will be posted in our Discord when it has actually started), you will have DOUBLE the chance of finding a reward when mining in the mine!
DOUBLE the chance of finding Crystals, Mine Strikes and Mine Tokens in your /reward will last until sometime Monday morning.
Make sure to get on the server during DOUBLE MINE DROPS WEEKEND and grind out some rewards!

We hope you guys enjoy the additions!