October 31st, 2019 - Week Long Halloween Event & WEEKEND Store Sale!


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Hello everyone! Today, we have the start of a Week Long Halloween event that we will be doing! You can find all the info about the event below.

2019 Halloween Event
We have started the 2019 Halloween Event on JailBreakMC and along with it, some new things have been added on the server that you should be on the look out for!

First of all, event start and end dates.
Event Start: NOW!
Event End: Thursday, November 7th. Monday, November 11th!

"Spookified" Spawn Area
The /spawn area and the Yard have been tweaked to look a little more spooky for the Halloween season! You can check it out by going to /spawn when joining the server.

Jack o'Lanterns In Mines, Pumpkin Seeds/Pies and Mr. Halloween
With this update, there should now be a LOW amount of Jack o'Lanterns (at least 1, there can be more) located inside the WARD (A-F) mines during each mine reset.
When mining these rare Jack o'Lanterns, there is a CHANCE (roughly 50/50) that they will drop a Pumpkin Seed!
If you are lucky and find a Pumpkin Seed from the Jack o'Lantern, you will be shown this message in that. If you are unlucky and do not receive a Pumpkin Seed, you will see this message.

Once you have some Pumpkin Seeds, what do you do with them? Well this is where Mr. Halloween comes in!
Mr. Halloween is located at /spawn in a room by the Mine NPCs. Just walk forward when at the main spawn to reach the room.

Once you have been lucky enough to accumulate 4 Pumpkin Seeds, you will want to visit Mr. Halloween and turn those 4 Pumpkin Seeds into 1 Pumpkin Pie!
When clicking on Mr. Halloween, you will be shown 3 options to select from as shown below.

Left Chest - Shop #1 (Contains first 8 Shop items)
Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin Seed to Pumpkin Pie Converter
Right Chest - Shop #2 (Contains remaining Shop items)

With multiple Pumpkin Pies, you can purchase 10+ NEW and EXCLUSIVE Halloween related items and cosmetics!
These things include NEW Name Tags, Pets, Glows, Head Cosmetics and Armor Sets, only available during the 2019 Halloween Event.

So, as just a very quick summary of the event before we get into the FAQ (which you should all read).
Each time your mine resets, there should be at least 1 Jack o'Lantern located somewhere inside it.
If you find and mine a Jack o'Lantern there is a chance that it will drop a Pumpkin Seed.
If you accumulate 4 Pumpkin Seeds, you can visit Mr. Halloween at /spawn and convert 4 Pumpkin Seeds into 1 Pumpkin Pie.
Then, those Pumpkin Pies you converted can be used to purchase various exclusive Halloween related items/cosmetics from Mr. Halloween.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How rare are the Jack o'Lanterns?
A: There is a low amount per mine, which makes them pretty rare. This is intentional. There should be at least ONE Jack o'Lantern located in each mine every time a the mines reset. However there can be (and usually is) more. But still, why such a little amount? There are 11 mines total on the server with Jack o'Lanterns. Each one of those mines reset every 8 minutes. That is 90 resets per day, for 1 mine. With 11 mines, that is 990 total resets per day. So, even if every mine had only 1 Jack o' Lantern in it and you got a straight 50/50 chance, that would still be 445 Pumpkin Seeds per day. And that is per sub-server. Basically, even with the low amount, over the course of the week we believe the amounts will surely add up as more people mine and more people buy and sell the Seeds and Pies.
Q: Where can I look for/mine Jack o'Lanterns?
A: There are Jack o'Lanterns located in every mine (A-F), however, you are only able to mine those in YOUR OWN RANK'S MINE. If you are in B, you can only mine/find Jack o'Lanterns in B Mine. If you were to go to A Mine and look around and find one there, you simply will not be able to break it and you will be presented with a message telling you so.
Q: Why can you only mine Jack o'Lanterns in your own ranks mine?
A: Well, we decided to do this because we believe this is the way to keep the event fair to all players on the server, so everyone has a chance to benefit and take part. We felt that if we didn't add this restriction, then you would have the hardcore players who know what they're doing running through each and every mine during every reset trying to find the Jack o'Lanterns and destroying every mine in the process. So, this way, we believe that players in the lower ranks like A, B and C should be able to benefit from the event because they will be able to get their own Seeds from their mine and either use them for the items or sell them to players for higher profit.
Q: Can I use my level abilities to find/mine the Jack o'Lanterns?
A: Yes, any ability that actually breaks blocks inside the mine (Nuke, Lightning and Dragon Storm) can be used for finding/mining the Jack o'Lanterns. If the ability hits a Jack o'Lantern during it's activation, then you will get a message stating that you either did or did not receive a Pumpkin Seed.
Q: Can I use Mine Strikes to find/mine Jack o'Lanterns?
A: No, if you use a Mine Strike on the mine, and your Mine Strike happens to hit a Jack o'Lantern, it will simply put the Jack o'Lantern into your inventory. It will NOT register or count towards Seed gains. So, you would effectively be wasting that Jack o'Lantern because you didn't mine it properly.
Q: If a Jack o'Lantern gets broken by an enchant on my pickaxe, will it count towards a Seed?
A: Yes, blocks broken by an enchants effects like Explosive will count at a chance towards a Seed. If you happen to break a Jack o'Lantern with Explosive, you will still get the message in your chat stating if you did or did not get a Seed.
Q: What if my inventory is full when mining a Jack o'Lantern, is it gone?
A: No, if your inventory is full at the time of getting a Seed from the mine, it will go into a queue system. You will get a message in chat stating that your inventory was full and your Seed was put into your queue. If you are in this situation, you should make room for the Seed as soon as possible. Once you have done that, you can type the command /claimseeds. Keep in mind, that the queue is only PER SPAWN SERVER. So, you can have different queue numbers on different spawns due to how our server is set up. This is why we suggest that you make room for the seed immediately after getting notified and do the command before going home or leaving the server. This is to ensure that you don't miss out on any Seeds. If you happen to miss out on a Seed, you will get notified when you join /spawn if you have any pending Seeds that need to be claimed.
Q: Why are there no Jack o'Lanterns in Prestige Mine?
A: We decided against putting them there due to various logistical reasons. One is the Jack o'Lanterns would be very visible in the Prestige Mine as it's made mostly out of transparent ice and Jack o'Lanterns emit light. Another reason is that, Prestige Mine is one of the easiest mines to rip through if you have the proper pickaxe so we believed that most of the Jack o'Lanterns would get taken almost right away after a mine reset for all players who are in Prestige Mine. We may decide to alter this over the course of the week, but if we do add them, there will be less than the normal mines and anyone who has access to Prestige Mine would only be able to find those Jack o'Lanterns in Prestige Mine and not F. To keep the same limitations as other players.

Halloween Store Sale!
Starting NOW and lasting till Sunday, Nov. 3rd @ 11:59PM EST you can get 30% OFF your WHOLE purchase on our webstore!
Get your hands on the LIMITED TIME OCTOBER Supply Drop and HALLOWEEN Crate at a discount while they're still available.
You can visit our store at https://store.jailbreakmc.com or by typing /buy in-game!

We hope you guys enjoy the event! :)
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