xOrbX - Reappeal

1. Minecraft Username: xOrbX
2. Ban Reason: IRL Scamming
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: No
4. Who were you banned by: @Profile_Name__
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: To Start again I would like to apologize to Evan again and TravelPort. I take full responsibility for my actions during the loan. The two bans I had during my final weeks on the server were uncalled for and the things I had said to deserve were as-well. I was acting out of character and I am truthfully sorry for that, I was being really stupid and immature. Personally I want to be unbanned because I really enjoy the server and its community, I have made lots of friends on the server and I am truly grateful for that. I would accept any terms you may apply if I were unbanned (reset). Again I am sorry TravelPort for getting him into this whole mess with him providing the collat for the loan. I am sorry to Evan for not really trying to pay the loan, I have no excuses and take full responsibility. Thanks for taking the time to read my appeal and have a good day.


Staff member
Hello xOrbX, Once again thank you for taking the time to appeal and waiting the required 2 months before re-appealing. I do appreciate you taking responsibility for your actions leading up to your ban. However I still have a few issues with your ban and appeal in general. Firstly with your punishment history, as I explained in your last appeal I am not going to be lenient with it due to you having 2 previous punishments of homophobic slurs. To me this seemed like you were trying to go out with a bang before you were banned for IRL Scamming. If this was the only offense I would be lenient on giving you another chance on the server at this time however it isn't. You had also admitted to doing multiple Illegal Deals in my DMs.

With that situation it seemed like you were only reporting the illegal deals to take LogicMaster63 down with you. I would like to understand your side of that situation and why you did those Illegal deals. So please respond below explaining the Illegal Deals situation please. :)
To start sorry if there are any spelling errors and stuff like that as I have to right it from my phone. The reason I reported LogicMaster is because I kept hearing from many people that he was doing many illegal deals, an as I stated before in the final weeks on the server I was acting very inmature. With me acting like this I decided why not sell what I have left, an as you know from the proof I have sent in dm’s that is what I did. I started to think about it more and more an I decided to report it because I knew I acted inmature and it was the right thing to do. It was nothing personal with LogicMaster it was just like I said the right thing to do. This is another thing which I accept full responsibility for, an I feel I have changed and matured more from these situations. Thanks