Yes, I resigned.


Accustomed Inmate
I keep getting asked the reason I resigned from moderator after 7 months of being a staff member- so instead of taking the time to explain to each individual, i’m going to post it here, so it’ll be easier to tell other people than sending it 20 million times. Story time everyone.

A few weeks ago, as everyone knows, schools starting closing, most people including me were happy about it, but the problem is if I want to graduate with honor grads, I have to keep a 3.5 GPA, and my GPA when school closed was 3.4. So not only did I have to do more work to keep my GPA up, a week or two ago, after school closed, as many people know staff members have to keep a minimum amount of time on the server. My activity on the server was slipping due to things going on in my life that is not going into detail here- but one of the main reasons was because my computer’s GPU (video card) was basically dead (still haven’t replaced it yet.) So each week I was:
- Trying to get money to replace my video card.
- Dealing with a ton of BS in my life
- Trying to maintain a 3.5 GPA
- Trying to maintain 8 minimum hours on Minecraft.
As people know, this can be extremely tiring, and extremely stressful, so I decided to resign to attempt to lighten my load.

Hope everyone understands now.